Many of you noticed that JVoices was hacked this week. You might have seen images like a gray wolf or this lovely webbed, red skeleton looking item to the left that was meant to scare you away.

It’s been quite a ride getting the site back up. For a moment, I had it running, but when it was hacked there were probably scripts put in that made it untenable to try to keep fixing the site as is, so that when I thought I was good to go, there it was again: “Hacked by Workman Team!”

So, I had to wipe out the database and start over.

And here we are! There are still a few minor details to work out, but all in all, it’s nice to be back!

I can’t tell you why it was hacked, or who hacked the site. I wish I had some juicy sordid controversy to spill, but alas, no one was able to identify a source in that way. All I know is that it’s undoubtedly a pain in the ass.

So thanks to all of you for your messages and support in getting this back up, especially thanks to Craig at Dreamhost for all their support, and Spencer, Kerrick, Toba, Charles, Dan and more for showing me some love.