Folks, every once and awhile I do a reminder/shout out to everyone, to say we’re always looking for new contributors. So, here’s your friendly reminder.

There are plenty of issues to rant about on the Jewish fault lines of our times.

AND, a **big big plug** that I’m especially looking for folks to help with the editorial aspects of running the site. Community site means community involvement. We need *you* to help make it happen.

Do you like what we do, the perspectives we bring? Then join us.

Do you love to find good bloggers and writers to share their insights? Then join us.

Does html coding get you hot and bothered? Then join us.

Or have you always wanted to take a website with great content, and give it a makeover? Then join us, and help make JVoices another place in Jewish life where people feel like they can bring all of themselves to the table.