Who: You
What: Phone bank for Jim Martin from your house via my.barackobama.com or at a phone bank
When: Over the next 4 days
Why: HUGELY IMPORTANT Senate runoff in Georgia on 12/2.

That’s right y’all, the election ain’t over.

There’s a critical Senate runoff happening in Georgia on Tuesday between Democratic challenger Jim Martin and Republican incumbent Sen. Saxby Chambliss.

And the results of all the hard work that you and I have put in the last weeks, months, years, could be severely hampered if Jim Martin loses.

Civics recap: a group in the Senate that wants to pass a bill generally needs 60 votes to enact cloture, a rule which puts a cap time on consideration and prevents a filibuster, you know the many ways bills get blocked, delayed or killed.

Jim Martin puts the Democrats one seat closer to having that critical number. If you actually want President-elect Obama to actually enact all that policy he’s been talking about, the Dems need to get to that number in the Senate. The economic stimulus package, health care reform, making it easier for people to organize unions, investing in our infrastructure, bettering education, all of those policy goals need the votes in the Senate to do it.

Runoffs come down to turnout. And even if you’re not in Georgia, you can help. For my New Yorkers, go to a live phone bank in Greenwich Village, plenty of times available.

Or better yet, get yourself an account at my.barackobama.com, log in, and follow the links for the virtual phone bank.

Any time you can give in the next four days, give it to this. I know you’re busy, but even an hour will make a difference. I’m going down to knock on doors, but we need everyone helping with this, so please, get on the phones and help Jim Martin win that Senate seat in Georgia!