Also, Israeli activists in the U.S. protested outside of the New York Israeli Consulate.

UPDATE: Via Alisa Solomon, photos of Saturday evening’s protest in Tel Aviv of the Gaza siege and bombing of Gaza as the government began a ground invasion. As worldwide protests to the Gaza assault are rightfully reported and continue in mass, it’s important to also report on Israelis protesting since that isn’t hitting the media, to demonstrate that there is dissension and varying political opinions and actions among Israelis. According to Gush Shalom, 10,000 people showed up to this protest. Charles over at change.org interviews a friend about the latest demonstrations, including the noted absence of Meretz Party leaders.

The organizers themselves were surprised by the large number of protesters. “A week after the start of Lebanon War II, we succeeded in mobilizing only 1000 demonstrators against it. The fact that today there came 10,000 proves that the opposition to the war is much stronger this time. If Barak goes on with his plans, public opinion may completely turn against the war in a few days.”

(“No to War”)

(“Stop the fire”)

(Counter-demonstrator – sign says: “Traitors: Go to Gaza”)

There are also a number of photos on flickr activestills photostream from the Tel Aviv protest, protests in Sakhnin, an Arab Israeli city in the North, and further photos from Anarchists Against the Wall actions and arrests after blocking the entrance to the Israeli air force base in protest of the Gaza killings.