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Adam Serwer over at The Root has a great new post called “The Self-Hate Hustle.” Serwer draws a parallel between divisions in Jewish communities over Israel and divisions in (U.S.) Black communities “about loyalty and authenticity.” Describing Netanyahu’s characterization of David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel as “self-hating Jews” based on their support of a settlement […]

I should stop turning my cell phone off when I go to sleep at night. In the past, I thought it was a good idea so that wrong numbers and drunk calls would not wake me in the middle of the night. Now I think I need to leave my phone on. Too much happens […]

this is basically a note to send you to a piece i’ve written for the latest issue of the Monthly Review on the origins of the current rise to visibility of jewish opposition to zionism. i hope you’ll read and enjoy – and if you disagree with me, argue here. the piece is online, at […]

Wings, for Gaza

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A poem for National Poetry Month. This poem, Wings, for Gaza, was recorded, and first read, in January 2009 at a Poetry for Gaza benefit in Oakland, CA for the Middle East Children’s Alliance.

is there a jewish newspaper in the u.s. that would even consider printing a piece like the one i’ve copied in below, which ran in ha-aretz on february 13, 2009? if one did, would it ever run another one? how many institutional advertisers would it lose? how many major u.s. jewish organizations would condemn it? […]

all of the journalistic words have been, are being, said already.


to me, there’s only one thing worth saying on the journalistic side:
24 israelis have been killed by rocket or mortar attacks from gaza, ever.
more than 300 palestinians have been killed by the israeli blitzkrieg in gaza in the past 2 days.
more than 3,300 palestinians have been killed by the israeli military in gaza since 2000.
and it needs to be said over and over and over again.

beyond the journalistic. words aren’t worth much, or are everything.


The Shministim and Moral Courage

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(Omer Goldman, Tamar Katz, Sahar Vardi, Raz Bar-David Varon, Yuval Ophir-Auron) In the U.S., those who refuse to serve, we call them conscientious objectors. In Israel, young high school students who refuse to serve in the Israeli military in opposition to the occupation of Palestinian Territories are called Shministim. From Howard Zinn who wrote eloquently […]

Hagit Ofran on Lessons from Hebron

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Americans for Peace Now hosted a conference call today with Hagit Ofran, head of Peace Now’s Settlement Watch program. The main focus of the call according to APN was: reviewing the chain of events that led to Thursday’s eviction of settlers who were squatting in the Palestinian-owned Hebron property. [Ofran] will also offer her insights […]

Notes on a Boycott.

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Various boycotts of Israel have sprung up in different places, unfortunately with very little effectiveness (so far) against the terrible policies of the Israeli government. But I just received this message via email from a friend, and this is a boycott which makes me think twice. Sunday, October 26, 2008 Call to Boycott & Protest […]

On August 1st, I participated in a small tour through Canada Park lead by Eitan Bronstein, the Director of Zochrot [Remembering], an organization of Israeli citizens working to raise awareness of the Nakba, the Palestinian catastrophe of 1948. Canada Park is run by the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and lies thirty minutes outside of Tel […]