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Notes on Gaza

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I’ve been wanting to write about the current war in Gaza for a while now, but it’s been hard to find the words for what I wanted to say. But today I started writing a letter to a friend, and found that in addressing a single person I was able to find words. So this […]

Last night at 9:00pm, I wrote an email to my best friend about my trip to Ramallah last weekend, my upcoming visit to Bethlehem, and how much I desperately want to stay in Jerusalem for a second year. A few minutes later, I heard sirens; not so unusual, perhaps, but more persistent than I’m accustomed […]

whenever i start to get bored with the idea of staying vocal as one of the surprisingly few non-closeted secularists in most of the electronic jewish spaces i frequent, something like this comes up. ruth messinger, former manhattan borough president, american jewish world service president, and makher-in-chief of the current (and problematic as well as […]

The enemy of my enemy is still bizarre.

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As reported in Ha’aretz, one of the two disputed Satmar rebbes visited Jerusalem this week, calling further attention to the rift between the two men. A thunderous silence greeted the visit by Admor (the acronym for “our master, our teacher, our rabbi”) Reb Aharon Teitelbaum, whose first visit to Jerusalem came in the shadow of […]

In recent years there’s been increasing awareness of Israel’s frequently inexplicable practice of the Law of Return, and the ways in which the Ultra-Orthodox have co-opted this to fan the flames of the “who is a Jew?” argument. Despite the strict methods they have for enforcing this policy, many immigrants from the former Soviet Union, […]

one. i’ve been meaning to write something about the destruction of temples, and whether it’s something to mourn. partly because i have a soft spot for some aspects of tisha b’av despite my secularism, and partly inspired by a friend’s experience being told by a progressive jewish organization that a drash she wrote for them […]

Increasing numbers of communities and politicians are calling for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. At the same time, in the race toward the presidential primaries, the candidates are oh-so-carefully detailing the ways that they plan to redirect our government’s priorities from Iraq and Iran towards healthcare, education and global warming. A number of apparently […]

Anyone who has survived (or is still surviving) their 20’s knows the precariousness of entry-level jobs and the misery of taking two or three jobs to meet ends. Combine this with trying to pay for rent and utilities, transportation, and maybe even some food once in a while, and suddenly high school seems like a […]

Parsha Emor

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“One shallow babe,” is how we might describe our god in this parsha (were we not so respectful). She lays out the rules for the kohenim, or priests, of Her temple — rules which have no spiritual or moral requirements whatsoever. YHWH’s priests just need to be high gloss. Having established that, She takes Her […]

Apparently it’s perfectly fine to hate some people and not others, according to certain Republicans, among them the president. White House Opposes Hate Crime Bill The White House issued a veto threat Thursday against legislation that would expand federal hate crime law to include attacks motivated by the victims’ gender or sexual orientation. The hate […]

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