Eve is an over-educated singer-songwriter and educator living in Oakland, CA.

IB of JVoices: What does it mean to you to be Jewish?

Eve: I continually redefine this. No other person on the planet can answer this question for me. It definitely does not mean that I’m any better or worse than other kinds of people, contrary to traditional and popular modes of thought. On an obvious level, it comes with a loaded cultural heritage, some of which is rich and rewarding, some of which can be limiting. On another level, it means rediscovering that lineage according to my own agenda – which is as valid as any other approach. Afterall, tradition begins with a trend that originated with someone’s agenda.

IB: What makes you feel connected to other Jews?

Eve: New York accents, food, guilt, food, holidays, family, music, food, ethnicity, neuroses, intellectual arrogance, humor, food.

IB: What makes you feel disconnected from other Jews?

Eve: Economic disparity; Fundamentalism; Zionism; they hypocrisy of the “Chosen People” worldview – feeling superior to other groups, which goes against the original golden rule of every major religion – “Do unto others…”

IB: What kind of Jewish community do you have, and what kind of Jewish community do you desire?

Eve: I have a community that reflects my beliefs, but it is not as well-organized as it could be. There are many Jews in the Bay Area who share similar views to my own, but I have to go to different places to find them. There are so many options, there isn’t one centralized place. A blessing and an inconvenience, simultaneously.