Well, since I just wrote this over on jspot, I can’t not post this here! I really love double negatives–I feel like I’m sitting in a room with a bunch of queer Ashkenazi Jews debating between Bette and Barbara as diva or something…Anyway, here goes: my post on joining SPIN…

I couldn’t resist after seeing Mik give some props to SPIN below (and just to note Mik doesn’t know this yet). I wanted to let folks know that I’m happy to report I recently accepted a position as a Communications Strategist at The SPIN Project.

Yes, it’s true–I’m leaving New York. Hard to believe as I do love so much about the city, particularly what it brings in Jewish life, but I’m excited to slow down a bit, and incredibly excited to join SPIN. I’ll try to hold back from saying too much, but I will say this:

The SPIN Project’s role as an organization providing progressive leaders and community organizers accessible, concrete and effective communications training and support is, from my perspective, undeniably one of the most critical and invaluable resources that is needed in this political moment. Competing against a ruthless right-wing media machine and a dominant commercial media sector, progressive organizations are tirelessly searching for how to speak back to the conservative messages that dominate our airwaves, and often tell me how they are scrambling in search of the right tools to answer these questions.

The SPIN Project helps to fill this void, and its commitment to providing support, organizational capacity-building and leadership development skills to grassroots organizations, along with national organizations, is vital. In building a progressive infrastructure that addresses issues of social justice and effectively challenges the messages that the right has won in the hearts and minds of the public, we must analyze the success of the right-wing without mimicking their top-down model. The SPIN Project’s work does just that in working with organizations on the front lines of movements for racial, economic and political justice and across a national landscape with organizations dedicated to pushing forward a broad vision for change.

I am excited to join their ranks, training and working with organizations across the country in this incredible time. Please don’t hesitate to contact me there, or to join us for a SPIN Academy Training. West Coast, here I come. A bittersweet virtual kiss and hug to all of you in New York that I won’t get to see live in the flesh before I go. I am sure I will be back often (with work and life), so I won’t say goodbye as much as I will say, housing leads always appreciated. 🙂