Yes, before we get to a round up of all the fabulous seder haggadot and supplements there are to behold, trust that there is a feasty delight about to happen.

The Leonard Lopate Show is hosting a recipe swap, this time on Matzo balls, and wants you, their faithful listeners and community members, to chime in and submit your favorite recipes, tips, stories and matzo ball mishaps.

Or, maybe not.

Maybe you should submit recipes that go beyond Ashkenazi foods. Submit recipes from A Fistful of Lentils or date charoset, apricot pudding or if we agree to go with their theme of the show, submit recipes for Moroccan style matzo ball soup.

The point–let’s make sure that on April 2, before Passover begins, and when Jewish food expert Joan Nathan airs the show, the submissions reflect the full range and beauty of Jewish life.

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