Connecticut’s Compassionate Use medical marijuana bill will be heard in its next committee tomorrow–Tuesday. So, we need to keep the same momentum going that pushed this through the General Law Committee like last week for the Public Health Committee for tomorrow’s hearing!

For more info on the bill, here’s an excerpt from a piece that I worked with the Drug Policy Alliance on, advocating for the passage of the CT’s Compassionate Use Bill on Huffington Post today:

Without an effective medical marijuana law in Connecticut, patients and caregivers who use marijuana to alleviate pain will face prosecution. The American Cancer Society estimates that over 17,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in Connecticut this year alone — add over 14,000 people currently living with HIV/AIDS, and the need for effective pain management options becomes evermore apparent.

When I began chemotherapy, I was knocked out from severe nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Before long my blood counts were so low I was injecting daily booster shots to keep my blood generating. My body had gone into complete shock. My veins shut down. I couldn’t bend my left elbow. Severe nausea left me unable to eat or drink water, and after my second treatment, I was hospitalized with no white blood cells to defend my body against a common cold…

During times of illness, the ability to manage our pain and the pain of our loved ones is invaluable. Connecticut’s medical marijuana bill gives doctors another choice in caring for their patients who suffer from nausea, debilitating fatigue, pain, vomiting and grave weight loss. We need a law to protect patients, their doctors, and their caregivers from prosecution. We need compassion.

This legislative session, let’s not allow HB6715 to get mired in political debates while our loved ones continue to suffer. Connecticut needs a workable medical marijuana law. In a 2005 debate about this bill, Rep. Melissa Olson (D-Norwich) remarked, “This bill is not about law and order, crime and punishment or legalizing drugs. This bill is about easing people’s pain and alleviating human suffering.”

As a cancer survivor, I couldn’t agree more.

Take Action Now.

A phone call can also make a big impression on legislators. You can call the Public Health Committee before 9 a.m. on Tuesday to express your support for HB 6715. The number is 860-240-0560.

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