Yes, it’s true, we’ve become partners, however informal, with Jewish Mosaic: The National Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity in the launch of their LGBT Resource Library. They gave us some love in their weekly email, so I wanted to plug this new initiative in return. What I love about this initiative is that they do not require that your work has gone through a formal publishing process in order to be considered, and since the publishing world is still **shockingly** homophobic and transphobic (note the irony in my shockingly), I’m so glad that they are thinking in new ways about getting our voices out there and creating a resource for compiling them.

So, with that, for those of you who are writers, bloggers (including JVoices’ contributors, etc) check out this call below:

Jewish Mosaic: The National Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity is in the process of creating an LGBT Resource Library to compile works related to Judaism and LGBT issues. We are interested in ALL kinds of works including (but not limited to): essays, articles, sermons, drashot, speeches, statements, brochures, handbooks, prayers, etc. If you are interested in contributing to the LGBT Resource Library, please email your submission to:

Please note: Jewish Mosaic needs copyright clearance to post a work in its resource library, therefore, please be sure that you are the copyright owner of a work before submitting it to Jewish Mosaic. If you have questions about copyright, please email: