TJC - The Jewish Channel
If y’all didn’t already know about the Jewish Channel, you should check it out.

Here’s one clip of former Forward Arts and Culture Editor, Alana Newhouse, now Editor of Nextbook (yup, if y’all didn’t know yet, now you know! Alana’s now the new Editor-in-Chief of Nextbook.) chatting it up with producer and author Abigail Pogrebin on former MG-mogul Louis B. Mayer’s Jewish Hollywood legacy.

Pogrebin talks about Parker’s early days being pegged as an “ethnic type,” a deterrent for Jewish male executives in Hollywood. Ahh, yes, gotta love Hollywood’s tragic template of “isms” when it comes to casting, typecasting and identity!

One of my favorite questions to ask people is how many Jewish women they’ve seen in Hollywood films play Jewish women and not be stereotyped as say, overbearing or unattractive. I think you can guess how many answers I’ve gotten.

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