Karl Rove all up in the mix, this time trying to block out any chance of Lieberman as the VP pick for McCain.

Rove, President Bush’s former top campaign adviser and arguably the most prominent political operative of the past generation, has no formal role in McCain’s campaign. But he knows much of the Arizona senator’s high command and has been offering informal advice, both over the phone and in his position as a Fox News analyst, since McCain wrapped up the GOP nomination.

His decision to wade into the vice presidential selection process could provide Democrats fresh ammunition to tie McCain to the polarizing Bush….
Lieberman has his advocates, especially among those who believe McCain needs to make a transformative pick to help disassociate himself from Bush and the GOP, but most establishment Republicans believe tapping the Connecticut senator would blow up next week’s Republican convention in St. Paul, Minn., and create major problems for McCain and the conservative base of the party this fall.

A source close to Lieberman said: “If it’s Lieberman, none of us know about it” —

Well, whoever it is, McCain’s campaign will waste no time in trying to take the air out of Obama’s historic night tomorrow, with a press conference in Ohio Friday afternoon, announcing the VP for the Republican ticket.

Meanwhile, the JTA covers that McCain has been reaching out to the Chabadniks for support.