So wait, Joe, break this down for me. You are actually still using the experience line when it comes to Obama? But not only that, in your eyes, Palin is a leader, and Obama is what exactly?! Ah yes, what were your words — “Eloquent,” but not experienced?!

Are you wearing your tefillin too tight?
Cutting off too much good blood flow or something?

Seriously?! Who wrote your talking points?

Palin is the leader we’ve been waiting for, after she’s been governor for as long as I’ve been getting my MFA in Creative Writing, and ran the big campaign, calling for Alaska to secede: “Alaska First, Alaska Always!?!”

Yeah, you’re totally right Lieberman! Palin is the leader we’ve been so desperately needing! I’m so glad to see that you’re no longer timid about your intimate relations with the Christian Right!

Bonafide lovers, that’s what you are. Ahh, your “ticket for change.” I’m just…swooning.

Wait, yup, there’s the “upchuck” desire again.