[Quick Update: Wilson Research Strategies has gone on record stating that they are not part of the push polling. Also, apparently the fake polling isn’t only happening in FL.]

Jewsvote.org just sent us this update of how Jewish voters in Florida are being targeted in a new smear campaign to undermine Obama.

Joelna Marcus received a phone call to her Key West residence that went like this:

She was asked if she is Jewish, and she replied in the affirmative.

She was asked if she was religious.

She was then asked if her opinion of Barack Obama would change if she knew that Obama had given lots and lots of money to the PLO.

Joelna told me the caller admitted that the calls were meant for Jews only. And the firm sending the calls, Research Strategies, has a history of working for Republican candidates.

This is just the beginning, and it will only get worse.

Jewsvote.org formed because whether we like it or not, these tactics work. The idea is that the site will be one means for fighting back against these smear campaigns, which will only continue to ramp up in the next eight weeks. So, whether you use Jewsvote.org as a tool or not, the point is that we can’t do nothing. If emails aren’t your thing, then maybe you want to join folks in Florida in the upcoming weeks.

Jewsvote.org will also be launching TheGreatSchlep.com, riffing off of Mik’s previous work in Operation Bubbe, organizing young Jews to go to Florida and mobilize to ensure our elders go out and vote. This time though, it’s not just escorting people to the polls — it’s talking to your grandparents, or your friends grandparents, or friends of friends, and their friends, and their friends friends, to dispel the smear campaigns, and to let them know why if they believe in wanting our future to be as bright as they want it to be, that Obama is the direction we need.