a look into the mindset of the israeli army…

here, on Electronic Intifada, is a recording and transcript of a conversation with the soldier who picked up the phone line given on the leaflets the israeli air force is dropping on gaza. this is someone who’s supposed to be doing his best to be sympathetic and open, since his task is to recruit collaborators to work with the invading army. so it’s interesting how little spoofing it takes to get him to say what is clearly what he actually believes:

Look, I’m a Jew and I’m from the Israeli Defense Forces. But unlike you, my great, great, great grandfathers were all born here, going back thousands of years. We never left the country. You Palestinians have never been a nation. The Palestinians settled here recently, only a short time ago. What’s that got to do with me?

which is, incidentally, patently insulting to anyone’s intelligence (are you really prepared to believe that unlike any other mediterranean population, the ancient israelites were blond enough to account for every light-haired, light-eyed, sunburn-prone, slavic-looking askenazi out there?), and exactly what’s taught in the vast, vast majority of jewish education programs of any kind in the u.s.

so, does teaching an ideology that’s used to justify massacres make you complict in that bloodshed? recent jewish responses to anti-jewish propagandizing suggest we, as a community, think so. how many bombed schools will it take for jewish educators to act like they actually believe it?