Next time, it will hurt you more!!!

(Photo: Next time, it will hurt more!!!)

When the Israeli soldiers got out of Gaza, they left behind spray-painted messages over the walls of the half-destroyed houses that had been occupied by the army.

You gotta wonder, where did they get these creative slogans of violence and hatred? It turns out that they may have been wearing them themselves. A new article in Haaretz describes the kinds of violent, racist, and misogynistic items some soldiers wear as t-shirts. These are designed by the soldiers themselves as rites of passage after finishing training.

The English article has only one picture; the Hebrew version showcases more examples. I urge you to look at them. Maybe you can understand this kind of ‘humor.’ I sure cannot.

Picture:  soldier standing by a wounded Palestinian woman
Text: “I will rape you for sure!”

Picture: “Palestinian woman with child as a shooting target
Text: “Kill them while they’re small”

Picture: the angel of death standing by a woman mourning her dead child
Text: “Every Arab mother should know that the fate of her child is in my hands”

L: The smaller they are, the harder it is [to aim] and R: Only god forgivesPicture: small kid bearing a rifle as a shooting target
Text: “The smaller they are, the harder it is” (to aim)

Picture: soldier by the side of a Palestinian village with a destroyed mosque
Text: “We came, we saw, we destroyed”

Picture: Palestinian child
Text: “Don’t run, you will die tired”

Oh, of course the IDF has already issued a statement, explaining that these t-shirts were printed at “soldiers’ private initiative, and on civilian shirts” and “are not in keeping with the values of the IDF spirit, not representative of IDF life, and are in poor taste.”

Phew, now I feel better.