Reports that the Obama administration released the Office of Legal Counsel’s memos on torture, and that they do not plan to prosecute, quickly exploded on twitter. The ACLU has the memos up.

Glenn Greenwald started to breakdown the memos already. Go check it out. He also emphasizes that the release of these reports is due to the work of the ACLU.

Finally, it should be emphasized — yet again — that it was not our Congress, nor our media, nor our courts that compelled disclosure of these memos. Instead, it was the ACLU’s tenacious efforts over several years which single-handedly pryed these memos from the clutched hands of the government. Along with a couple of other civil liberties organizations, the ACLU (with which I consult) has expended extraordinary efforts to ensure at least minimal amounts of openness and transparency in this country, something that was necessary given the profound failures of these other institutions to do so.

Fire Dog Lake has a petition up calling Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a Special Prosecutor. Prosecution is still on the table, but the piece distinguishes between “CIA officers who did NOT act in good faith, or who did not act according to the guidelines spelled out by the OLC.” In a press release today (h/t Ari Melber), Center for Constitutional Rights states:

Whether or not CIA operatives who conducted waterboarding are guaranteed immunity, it is the high level officials who conceived, justified and ordered the torture program who bear the most responsibility for breaking domestic and international law, and it is they who must be prosecuted.