It feels like the night of Rabin’s assassination.
A sharp slap in the face – the shock is so much greater than the pain.
A point of no return.

Since the hitter is probably motivated by his own fears and self hatred and fed off a petri dish of ill beliefs – the mission and responsibility to be smart about it is back on us who believe in love, freedom and respect – to teach, protect, act with dignity and pride. and accept.
A big heavy weight to bear right now.

The Israeli collective defense mechanism includes false notions of pluralism, democracy and multi-culturalism.
These illusions serve as a smoke screen, smudging its internal reality- a complex reality of a small place in the desert where indigenous, ethnic and other minorities are denied their basic rights.
The shooting Saturday exposed one susceptible group.

Dana International, Miki Buganim and Nora Greenberg live their lives authentically, refusing the smoke screen and choose to generate change.

My heart goes out to the young people for whom their shelter became a trap.
To their families and friends, to those they loved and will love.