About JVoices

Please note: since August 2010, JVoices has ceased publishing new work. We hope you enjoy the articles that remain live as an archive and trusted resource of bold Jewish writing of our time.

JVoices is your Jewish wake up call on some of the most controversial and compelling issues of our time. Tethered to the same goal of injecting progressive Jewish values into today’s Jewish and non-Jewish media landscape, we publish contributors from all over the world, not just talking about, but also embodying what we know to be the vastness of Jewish life.

Forget pluralism–we don’t pretend there aren’t power dynamics that squelch and prioritize some voices and traditions over others. We know the difference between disfranchisement and alienation, and we seek to remedy both. We live in, and love, our communities–in plural–because we live in many, and will not choose between them. That is a truth of our Jewishness.

We are Jews rooted in the pursuit of social, racial, gender, sexual and economic justice, who believe in progressive politics and emphasize social justice values, dreams, visions and joy.

Our goal is to stretch any and all assumptions; push beyond party lines and ideology; ask difficult questions to find what emerges amidst and between dividing lines; dream big, beautiful, radical, ritual, traditional, intellectual and visionary dreams; and to always be building on our vast tradition of broadening Jewish life.

We demand simply this: bring all of yourself to the table: www.jvoices.com

    Founder and Editor: Cole Krawitz


    Gavriel Ansara
    Beejhy Barhany
    Dan Berger
    Jen Chau
    Noach Dzmura
    Aaron Freeman
    Rabbi Capers C. Funnye, Jr.
    Aliza Hausman
    Walter Isaac
    Marisa Elana James
    Henriette Dahan Kalev
    Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz
    Loolwa Khazzoom
    Rabbi Elliot Rose Kukla
    daniel lang/levitsky
    Charles Lenchner
    Rabbi Benyamin Levy
    Tucker Lieberman
    Aurora Levins Morales
    David Shasha
    Mati Shemoelof
    Ella Shohat
    Naomi Sobel
    Robin Washington
    Dr. Jillian Todd Weiss

**As all community blogs state these days: the ideas, thoughts, and words published on JVoices by contributors and commenters are the opinions of those individuals only, and do not represent the views or positions of JVoices, or any organizations for which JVoices, the contributors and/or commenters may be affiliated with.