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Since my last post, I’ve been in touch with Stuart Milk, Harvey Milk’s nephew, who shared with me Morris Milk’s obituary. Morris was Harvey Milk’s grandfather, and Stuart’s great grandfather. Stuart said Morris had quite an impact on Harvey’s life, and Newsday agrees: It was in his blood: His grandfather Morris Milk had been bringing […]

Somehow it happened twice. My grandmother and I were traveling solo, decided to visit a museum, and were confronted with a Cindy Sherman exhibit. Let me say first (are you listening, Cindy?) that I love Cindy Sherman. The first time I saw her untitled film stills, in high school, I spent months afterward trying to […]

Tonight is the first night that “Forgotten Genius,â€? a documentary based on four years of research into the life and tributes of Percy L Julian, one of the great scientists of the 20th century and a trailblazer for black chemists, will air on PBS. Highlighting the importance of African-American figures often less discussed during Black […]

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