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Amid the brouhaha of a presidential campaign that has lasted nearly two years and the anxiety of a stock market meltdown that has lasted two months, it is to be expected that many people will invoke traditional religion for clairvoyance and guidance. But since when does any traditional religion ask us to pray before a […]

Esther Kaplan and Frederick Clarkson had a great interview today on Democracy Now reviewing Sarah Palin and her long standing relationship to Christian Fundamentalism. Here’s an excerpt: ESTHER KAPLAN: Well, I think that it goes far beyond the one church that you mentioned. There’s actually four churches that Palin’s been affiliated with since childhood and […]

It’s too easy, but I’m going to say it: Jesus F*ing Christ! Or maybe I should just say: h/t to Gus Gravot for the Fascism 101 poster.

Noted author Garry Wills wrote an excellent book last year about American Christians. Or rather, ‘Head and Heart: American Christianities.’ After reading it, I was finally able to make sense of the relationship between seemingly disparate phenomena, such as: Where did Christian Zionism come from, and why is it strongest in the US? Why do […]

Iowa residents participate in caucuses today to recommend U.S. presidential candidates for party nomination. If you’re not sure which candidate best matches your political opinions, these online multiple-choice quizzes can help: and Pick Your Candidate Neither quiz, however, asks about our thoughts on the separation between church and state, or our preference for hearing Christian […]

whenever i start to get bored with the idea of staying vocal as one of the surprisingly few non-closeted secularists in most of the electronic jewish spaces i frequent, something like this comes up. ruth messinger, former manhattan borough president, american jewish world service president, and makher-in-chief of the current (and problematic as well as […]

Physician-assisted abortion after the 24th week of pregnancy is illegal in Massachusetts. Self-induced abortion, as it turns out, is illegal at any point during pregnancy, and could even lead to homicide charges.

Shameless self-promotion–check out my first piece as the top story in The Advocate (and no I did not pick the photo lol): While James Dobson’s Focus on the Family continues to cherry-pick and distort research on LGBT families, Soulforce and Truth Wins Out are raising the stakes to expose what they call a harmful and […]