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Written on June 10th, 2009 After six days of packed actions I am finally having the chance to sit down and write a short update on our incredible trip in Israel so far. This will be a far too short update but I want you to know that we arrived (well quite a few days […]

Ezra Nawi is a veteran activist who is facing jail time for protecting the livelihood of Palestinians in the southern West Bank and standing up to the army. To say that Ezra Nawi is a caring individual is an understatement. He exudes a tender and warm spirit that I have not seen in many people. […]

There is a left movement in Israel. By left movement, I mean a political and social culture of understanding and critical thinking about the reality of Israeli policy in the West Bank and Gaza. One simply needs to look at the work of Gideon Levy or Amira Hass to understand that we have voices dedicated […]

x-posted from Mondoweiss Today, Shimon Peres kicked off the AIPAC conference with a special address. Phil noted some observations below. Initial buzz from the speech in and around the conference center is that Peres neglected to mention the need to establish a Palestinian state as part of the peace process. This is shaping up to […]

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