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Boston Review has a new article up about U.S. antisemitism and the economic crisis. The authors, Neil Malhotra and Yotam Margalit, researchers at Stanford Business School, conducted a study about how anti-Semitic sentiments might relate to the ongoing financial crisis. by asking 2,768 American adults questions like “How much to blame were the Jews for […]

Amid the brouhaha of a presidential campaign that has lasted nearly two years and the anxiety of a stock market meltdown that has lasted two months, it is to be expected that many people will invoke traditional religion for clairvoyance and guidance. But since when does any traditional religion ask us to pray before a […]

Your shiny white emptiness Drips rabid promises From each saccharine fang, Your glittering emerald eyes mocking The singular certainty: This darkness and I must dance and duel Til the factory of your perfect machine Cannibalises me Into the likeness of Some True Form that bears Some True Name- My true name and form, uncodified by […]

Anyone who has survived (or is still surviving) their 20’s knows the precariousness of entry-level jobs and the misery of taking two or three jobs to meet ends. Combine this with trying to pay for rent and utilities, transportation, and maybe even some food once in a while, and suddenly high school seems like a […]

Thank You Bob! Since it’s a TimeSelect piece, I’m pasting the whole article below. Indentured Servants in America By Bob Herbert New York Times March 13, 2007 A must-read for anyone who favors an expansion of guest worker programs in the U.S. is a stunning new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center that details […]

Costs of War

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We’re heading into five years since the War in Iraq began. The protests leading up to the anniversary on March 19th will soon begin. A primer in case you needed more reasons to fight this insanity that still has no end. Compare the costs of the war in Iraq, already over $408,300,000,000 dollars (yes that’s […]