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now, the statue of limitations on all of our semi-rational exuberance over the symbolism of the current presidency has not yet run out. i figure, based on my friends and family, that it has somewhere between three and nine months left. so i’m not expecting anyone to do anything about this right now. once the memories of the election-night street parties are a little bit more faded, though, it’ll be useful to have these pieces of information ready to hand.

Like many of you, I’m an Obama supporter. A few months ago, I started to hear about various efforts among progressive Jews to support him. (Righteous Indignation expressed prior interest in nonpartisan GOTV activities.) But so far, the dominant effort on my radar screen seems to be JewsforObama.com, for view (strangely enough) at www.jews4barack.com. On […]

The JTA Election Blog has an interesting quote today from J.J. Goldberg, Editor of The Forward on the paper’s clarification of an editorial they wrote on the Obama “smear” campaign. Many readers considered the editorial as lending credence to the “smear” campaign. What’s sad is that one of Goldberg’s main points wasn’t getting through, which […]

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crossposted from Huffington Post As a bi-racial, Ivy-League educated, thirty-something feminist who campaigned for Bill Clinton, the election has me squarely on the fence. I love Barack’s vision and know intimately the mosaic of ideas and experiences that helped shape it. I also feel a profound loyalty to Hillary who, after much sacrifice, has the […]

A few highlights from our friends in the Jewish Blogosphere: Jspot tips us off to JCPA’s blog, and Jewish voter disfranchisement in Nevada. Over at Jewlicious, Y-Love tackles incendiary comments found on the NY Daily News website after they published an article about New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind’s (D-Brooklyn) inauguration of the “Blacks & […]

This is great. O’Reilly is following Obama around on the campaign trail and recently attacks an Obama staffer, saying he had no choice–that it was “his duty to protect the freedom of the press and the constitution.” The charge, and now physical attack, by O’Reilly, outrageous enough as it is, only makes Obama look even […]

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