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From my op-ed in morning’s Sunday Chicago Tribune (cross-posted in Shalom Rav): The actions of the Jewish State ultimately reflect upon the Jewish people throughout the world. We in the Diaspora Jewish community have long taken pride in the accomplishments of the Jewish State. As with any family, the success of some reflects a warm light […]

From One Rachel to Another

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An open letter to Rachel Corrie as the screening of the film that bears her name, honors her life, and condemns her death faces shameless criticism and censorship. Dear Rachel, The day you were crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza, was a stormy day in Tel Aviv. March 16, 2003 — to […]

This Saturday, July 25th, the movie RACHEL, directed by Simone Bitton will premiere at its first-ever Jewish film festival in San Francisco, California. Simone was born in 1955 in Rabat, Morocco. A Moroccan-Israeli-French Jewish documentary filmmaker, she’s directed a number of films, including Mahmoud Darwich (1998), Citizen Bishara (2001), and Mur (Wall) (2004). Her films […]

x-posted from Mondoweiss Today, Shimon Peres kicked off the AIPAC conference with a special address. Phil noted some observations below. Initial buzz from the speech in and around the conference center is that Peres neglected to mention the need to establish a Palestinian state as part of the peace process. This is shaping up to […]

Below is the full unedited version of a piece I had published in the Philadelphia Daily News. As the massacre of Deir Yassin is remembered today, let us all rededicate ourselves to working for liberation and freedom for all. I posted this yesterday on Mondoweiss. Through the ritual of the Seder, Passover tells the story […]

Wings, for Gaza

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A poem for National Poetry Month. This poem, Wings, for Gaza, was recorded, and first read, in January 2009 at a Poetry for Gaza benefit in Oakland, CA for the Middle East Children’s Alliance.

More from Alisa Solomon and Tony Kushner on Churchill’s “Seven Jewish Children: A Play for Gaza” With its title, its subject matter, its distillation of that subject matter, of a long, tangled, bloody and bitter history down to a few simple strokes, it’s hardly surprising that Churchill’s play has elicited outrage. The hostile reaction to […]

Goldberg, Roth & J Street

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Goldberg published a vivid debate between himself and Artistic Director Ari Roth about the staging of Churchill‘s play. The very next day, Goldberg posted two heated (yes negative) responses, one from a reader and another from an anonymous “prominent New York theater type,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. Does that mean they are actually in […]

What’s on your t-shirt?

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When the Israeli soldiers got out of Gaza, they left behind spray-painted messages over the walls of the half-destroyed houses that had been occupied by the army. You gotta wonder, where did they get these creative slogans of violence and hatred? It turns out that they may have been wearing them themselves. A new article […]

Eyewitness Account of Gaza

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It took me a month to write this email. In that month, I’ve been through a whirlwind of emotions, trying to find away to process the things that I saw. I still haven’t figured it out. I went to Gaza with the National Lawyers Guild to investigate violations of international law. We crossed into Gaza […]