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I’m finally posting a few stories that were in the cue. We’ll start with France. This was huge. Last Saturday, the night before International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, France became the first country in the world to no longer classify trans identities as a mental illness. Advocates in France have been putting the pressure […]

Please consider contributing an essay for an anthology on the subject of Jews and Transgender. I am eager to hear from representative Jewish voices in trans, gender variant and intersex communities. Persons of any gender or no gender or shifting gender, please feel welcome to contribute. Jews with no relationship to Judaism, secular Jews and […]

From an interview I did with Rachel Kramer Bussel, editor of Best Sex Writing 2008, about my essay in that book: Amy Andre has a master’s degree in human sexuality studies from San Francisco State University. She works as a sex educator and writer. What inspired your article “The Study of Sex?” I’m actually the […]

cross-posted to jspot: Folks have probably heard about Rep Tom Lantos‘ passing. One tidbit you may not know yet is the support he gave to transgender folks. Emails flooded my inbox highlighting this not so well-known talking point. Here’s just one of the emails I received from the National Transgender Advocacy Coalition: NTAC Remembers a […]