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Parashat Terumah The Gift of Safe Space by Y. Gavriel A. Levi Ansara on Saturday February 24, 2007 6 Adar 5767 Exodus 25:1 – 27:19,Shabbat Parashat Terumah opens with G-d speaking to Moses on Mount Sinai and commanding him in meticulous detail regarding the construction of the Mishkan, or “tabernacle,? the portable dwelling place of […]

Shrinking Discrimination

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On my desk this morning is a newsletter from the employment law firm that my company retains – I work for an insurance broker, so we get regular employment-related updates. This month’s update is titled: “New Jersey Extends Statutory Rights and Protections to Civil Union Partners and Prohibits Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity […]

Introduction In this brief essay, I’d like to read and think through three verses of Genesis, in order to start to establish a foundation for transgender Jewish thought. In particular, to consider hierarchy and binary opposition in the Biblical pattern of creation. (Heaven opposed and superior to Earth; Sun to Moon; Adam to Eve, etc.) […]

Quick article drop: A woman who reported a vicious attack by an ad-hoc “modesty patrol” on a Jerusalem bus last month is now lining up support for her case and may be included in a petition to the High Court of Justice over the legality of sex-segregated buses. Full story.

Conversation with an Online Rabbi

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Moshe (my housemate) told me about the website “” where you can ask questions of a rabbi under conditions of anonymity. So I took the opportunity to begin a conversation with a rabbi about some issues that have troubled me concerning my transgender body and communal prayer. I used the pseudonym “Levi”. Here’s a verbatim […]

Act like a man! Grow up! Be a man! What are the messages that Jewish American boys receive about what it means to act like a man. Many of the messages they receive are the ones that most American boys hear. Be tough, aggressive, in charge, strong, successful, independent, athletic, don’t cry, don’t show your […]