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“Androgynos is in some manners equivalent to men and in some manners equivalent to women; in some manners equivalent to both men and women; and  in some manners equivalent to neither men nor women.? (Mishnah  Ze’raim, Bikkurim) I don’t know how many men have studied this text in yeshivah or on candlelit kitchen tables over […]

Here comes trouble.

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I love a challenge, but sometimes I get in over my head as a result. Where did I leap this time without looking? Directly into next week’s joint torah portions, the infamous and dreaded Acharei Mot and Kedoshim. This is the source of the line that is most frequently used as ammunition against the queer […]

Just in from the JTA Wire… The Jewish Theological Seminary announced Monday that it would change admission policies to accept openly gay students at its rabbinical school. Arnold Eisen, chancellor-elect of the Conservative movement’s flagship institution, made the decision after consulting with the seminary community and conducting a movement-wide survey, both of which found strong […]