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Never underestimate the creativity that tech folks have. Check this out — one person’s re-telling of the Haggadah and Moses’ departure, facebook style. Here’s a taste below — click on the image for the full story. h/t Shawn Landres


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Culture Kitchen got me with this: BREAKING NEWS: Rush Limbaugh Converts to Judaism Really, I was aghast. Oh Purim and your naughty ways!

Bush White House Even F’s Up the Hanukkah Cards

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NY Post reports that the White House sent Hanukkah party invitations to Jewish communal leaders with “Clydesdale delivering the traditional “Hanukkah Tree” to a White House decorated top to bottom in Hanukkah wreaths.” Meaning, they forgot to actually send, you know, Hannukah cards. When reached for comment, Laura Bush’s spokeswoman, Sally McDonough, said the White […]

This is a special service announcement: Do you enjoy the light, airy taste of that “special cracker” that comes out in added quantities right around Easter? Do you think, “my, how splendid! This will go perfect with my assortment of cheese and sun-dried tomato spreads for appetizers!” Well, NOT THIS YEAR! This year, we Jews […]

As the Writers’ Strike Ends…

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A lil’ humor for ya:

Parshat Lech-Lecha

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Parshat Noach

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“Love your neighbor as yourself” is our favorite quote from this, very weird, parsha. It is also the mantra of our congregation. But getting to the weird part, YHWH is forever screeching that she is our one and only god. This week, however, She commands us to send offerings to another deity! Azazel is a […]

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