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Brilliant video by MoveOn. Pass this one on folks. We heard again this week. What do they want? Six more months? How long have we been hearing this call for six more months? Repeat it with me now: Too long! Almost $500 billion spent on this war, and while many of us were saying five […]

Look before you leap!

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Let’s see, which head of state blazed into an unnecessary war without a solid long-term plan, without preparation, and without justification? A. Bush B. Olmert C. Both of the above I’ll give you three guesses…

Costs of War

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We’re heading into five years since the War in Iraq began. The protests leading up to the anniversary on March 19th will soon begin. A primer in case you needed more reasons to fight this insanity that still has no end. Compare the costs of the war in Iraq, already over $408,300,000,000 dollars (yes that’s […]

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