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More on Jewish Dissent and AJC

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[Update] I wanted to add this to the top b/c JTA’s Ben Harris published the best write up I’ve seen on this issue yet today, blowing the NYT’s piece out of the water in reporting and coverage, if I do say so myself. Mobius has been doing a thorough job covering the controversy of AJC’s […]

Seth Ackerman on Bush’s Other Civil War

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Ackerman, contributor to Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting, takes an insightful look at the current state of affairs in Gaza, and provides some helpful historical background: One year after Hamas won a surprise victory in the Palestinian legislative elections, Palestinian politics are in chaos and the occupied territories stand on the brink of civil war. […]

(again, disclaimer: i work for CBST; the parts not expressly from them should be assumed to be from me): To quote from the press release: To protest this year’s planned march, several hundred Ultra-Orthodox Jews rioted in Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim neighborhood, lighting fires, overturning trash bins, and pelting police and motorists with stones, over the […]

Jerusalem Open House Under Siege

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(full disclosure: I work for CBST, which is pretty much JOH’s contact in the States; our senior rabbi was the North America co-coordinator for WorldPride 2006, and obviously works very closely with JOH.) This shit is ridiculous: Jerusalem Open House,* one of the Middle East’s few LGBT resources and certainly one of the only LGBT […]

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