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There is a left movement in Israel. By left movement, I mean a political and social culture of understanding and critical thinking about the reality of Israeli policy in the West Bank and Gaza. One simply needs to look at the work of Gideon Levy or Amira Hass to understand that we have voices dedicated […]

x-posted from Mondoweiss Today, Shimon Peres kicked off the AIPAC conference with a special address. Phil noted some observations below. Initial buzz from the speech in and around the conference center is that Peres neglected to mention the need to establish a Palestinian state as part of the peace process. This is shaping up to […]

Nakba – Not a Dirty Word

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Published in Hebrew on Ynet “Where will you be for the holiday? Are you going to the celebrations in town? To a picnic in the Carmel Forest? It’s really beautiful there! Won’t you come? Everyone’s going.” A few years ago I would have joined them; a picnic out in the country – what could be […]

Editor’s Note: We received feedback about an earlier post (“Freund’s Business of Farming Jews,” March 23) from Michael Freund, who was a subject of the piece. We asked the author, David Ramírez to read and respond to Freund. We are publishing both of their responses below. Can David Ramírez Let Go of his Hate? By […]

In a web-only piece for TAP, Dana Goldstein calls for encouragement of more “nuanced debate” on the history and present of Israel and the Occupied Territories. She uses the image of the “curious child — a child who deserves a thoughtful, honest answer” to pose the question of why institutional Judaism, generally, “teach[es] Jewish children […]

Below is the full unedited version of a piece I had published in the Philadelphia Daily News. As the massacre of Deir Yassin is remembered today, let us all rededicate ourselves to working for liberation and freedom for all. I posted this yesterday on Mondoweiss. Through the ritual of the Seder, Passover tells the story […]

More from Alisa Solomon and Tony Kushner on Churchill’s “Seven Jewish Children: A Play for Gaza” With its title, its subject matter, its distillation of that subject matter, of a long, tangled, bloody and bitter history down to a few simple strokes, it’s hardly surprising that Churchill’s play has elicited outrage. The hostile reaction to […]

Goldberg, Roth & J Street

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Goldberg published a vivid debate between himself and Artistic Director Ari Roth about the staging of Churchill‘s play. The very next day, Goldberg posted two heated (yes negative) responses, one from a reader and another from an anonymous “prominent New York theater type,” whatever that’s supposed to mean. Does that mean they are actually in […]

What’s on your t-shirt?

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When the Israeli soldiers got out of Gaza, they left behind spray-painted messages over the walls of the half-destroyed houses that had been occupied by the army. You gotta wonder, where did they get these creative slogans of violence and hatred? It turns out that they may have been wearing them themselves. A new article […]

Tomorrow, Monday, March 16, 2009, Sami Shalom Chetrit will be giving a lecture entitled “White Jews, Black Jews: Ashkenazi-Mizrahi Relations in Israel” at the CUNY Graduate Center from 6:30-8:30pm. A dynamic writer, producing work across genres, Chetrit’s historical work unearths the socio-cultural and political realities and movements of Mizrahi life in Israel. I caught up […]

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