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is there a jewish newspaper in the u.s. that would even consider printing a piece like the one i’ve copied in below, which ran in ha-aretz on february 13, 2009? if one did, would it ever run another one? how many institutional advertisers would it lose? how many major u.s. jewish organizations would condemn it? […]

by Nava EtShalom and Matthew N. Lyons Many leftists think of Zionism as a right-wing movement and ideology. But Israel’s recent assault on Gaza was directed by Defense Minister Ehud Barak, leader of Israel’s Labor Party – a party with socialist roots. For half a century this party, and the broader labor Zionist movement including […]

My Military’s Moral Low

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This article is crossposted at Huffington Post. Since the major military operations in Gaza stopped last week, the full effects of the heavy-handed assault that my country conducted there have become increasingly clear. Our leaders’ responses to the carnage are shocking: after each “misfire” of our artillery, hitting a school or hospital, some high-ranking general […]

i don’t love posting press releases, but as a new yorker this makes me happy. not as proud as i’d be were i in toronto, montréal, LA or san francisco, but nonetheless. after last week’s demonstration, which brought together the full range of jewish opposition to the israeli government’s war on gaza, from Women in […]

Notes on Gaza

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I’ve been wanting to write about the current war in Gaza for a while now, but it’s been hard to find the words for what I wanted to say. But today I started writing a letter to a friend, and found that in addressing a single person I was able to find words. So this […]

Jon Stewart Cuts Through the Bull

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Last night’s show featured in its opening segment a brilliant capsule presentation of the current Gaza conflict and the way in which it has been presented in the media. Cutting through the heaps of hysteria, blather and partisanship, Stewart in under 5 minutes cut to the very heart of the matter without pomp or pretense. […]

Israelis Protesting Gaza Assaults

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[UPDATE BELOW ON PROTESTS SATURDAY EVENING IN TEL AVIV] Also, Israeli activists in the U.S. protested outside of the New York Israeli Consulate. UPDATE: Via Alisa Solomon, photos of Saturday evening’s protest in Tel Aviv of the Gaza siege and bombing of Gaza as the government began a ground invasion.

I fear for the future of Judaism today

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[Note: This was written before the ground invasion of Gaza by Israeli troops began.] As I write, Israel is pounding Gaza with bombs and bullets, not yet satisfied with having killed and injured 1500 people, over a third women and children. Israel claims they don’t target civilians. Six little girls in one family were shot […]

The siege and destruction of Gaza is the political, humanitarian, and moral crisis of our time.

Quick hit on a new blog: In light of the fighting in Gaza and in Southern Israel, Israeli human rights groups are sending out ongoing updates about the impact on civilians. Our aim is to inform the Israeli public of events that are not being covered by the media. Each group is posting the information […]

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