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Are Today’s Innovators “Leaders?”

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Bob Goldfarb, in his recent piece “Innovation, Management, and Leadership,” raises an interesting question about the relationship between “innovation” and “leadership.” He writes: “From a structural perspective… [innovators] have simply added independent, entrepreneurial elements to Jewish communal life that complement the established, centralized bureaucracies.” But is that really all they have done? Goldfarb points out […]

Crossposted with Shalom Rav I’m back from the national J Street Conference in DC and its been a whirlwind. There’s so much to tell, but I’m not sure I can do it any better than the myriad of bloggers who have already weighed in. For your reading pleasure, I recommend the missives from the good […]

Quick hit: Fatemeh Fakhraie over at Racialicious does a great job analyzing W magazine‘s big article on Persian Jews in Los Angeles. The first commenter sums it up well: On one hand, it’s nice to see some acknowledgment that non-Ashkenazi Jews and Jews of color exist. On the other, a representation that just plays on […]

We, Queer members of the Bay Area Jewish Community and our allies, are deeply saddened by events surrounding the “Jews March for Pride” contingent in this year’s San Francisco Pride Parade. We wanted to march with “Jews March for Pride” because we are proud to be Queer Jews and allies. We felt excited and privileged […]

I am a trained ethnomusicologist, and began to go to Belmonte to investigate the role of music in their lives. I continue to go, partly because I rarely consider any project “finished”, and also because there are many people I have come to love dearly, especially the family I always stay with when there. I […]

( brings you the full Haggadah, In Search of Freedom: Exploring Common Ground Passover Haggadah, for the first time online.) For the 14th year, the Milwaukee Area Jewish Committee’s African-American-Jewish Task Force held its annual African-American Jewish Seder. The seder has been led in synagogues, university libraries, senior centers, Jewish homes for the elderly, but […]

This Wednesday and Thursday, April 1 and 2, the University of Michigan School of Social Work will be hosting an impressive set of Jewish thinkers and activists, most of them quite progressive. It’s a conference to relaunch the university’s Jewish Communal Leadership Program, and to install professor Karla Goldman as Sol Drachler Chair of Jewish […]

Look folks. I’ll get right to the point. Dr. King fought against race prejudice and Jim Crow segregation, right? So why do so many of us American Jews pretend as though we’re really committed to his work? Isn’t racial segregation still the ‘in-house’ policy of American Judaism? Black Jewish congregations have existed in the New […]

I was getting message after message Monday about the horrible NY Post article on Joy Ladin’s return to her work at Yeshiva University. I didn’t want to write about it then. I was beyond annoyed at the sensationalist and grossly offensive reporting. I was also beyond annoyed that many didn’t discuss her accomplishments as a […]

How Do You Jew?

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Among all of the deeply rewarding elements of the pulpit rabbinate, none has been as meaning-filled, for me personally and on a broader communal level, as guiding the study and rituals of those who choose Judaism and the Jewish people as their own. Each of the individuals who have invited me to join them — […]