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When I think civil war…

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Vice President Dick Cheney spoke on NPR last Wednesday regarding the increasing violence in Iraq. When asked if he would call it a “civil war,” Cheney replied: “No, I don’t think it’s a civil war. You’ve got a united government, a unity government in place. You’ve got united military forces, in terms of the army, […]

Identity & Community: Part 6 in a Series

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Eve is an over-educated singer-songwriter and educator living in Oakland, CA. IB of JVoices: What does it mean to you to be Jewish? Eve: I continually redefine this. No other person on the planet can answer this question for me. It definitely does not mean that I’m any better or worse than other kinds of […]

Parsha Noach

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Last week it was beastiality. Now it’s homosexual incest. Next week we’ve got prostitution and STDs. Boy, I sure am glad the Christian right doesn’t know about this book! On the other hand the sex and violence and perversion sure make for a great read. Shabbat Shalom. a & s

Ephraim Oakes is an oysterlisher* yid, proud golesnik, and aspiring writer of Yiddish punk songs. He’s still recovering from the culture shock of moving from a commune in rural Virginia to the small New England city where he currently resides. He used to make cheese and hammocks for a living, though at the moment, his […]

I’m going to stand with the other Jewish blogs on this and make sure we have this up and post it on the sidebar. This smear campaign must end. I know that those who are perpetuating this will inevitably comment on this blog as they have on jewschool and jspot, but as Mik on jspot, […]

crossposted from jewschool I know some folks don’t like the event listings, but this is the ARTS!!! and I often hear the desire for more, more, more beyond NY, so in that spirit, I thought I’d share with folks a number of fabulous arts listings I got sent this week from The National Foundation for […]

Parsha Bereishit

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And we’re off! We have read and heard the creation story a whole bunch of times. We had read much about Adam’s first wife, Lilith. But we never noticed that after declaring that Adam should not be alone, G-d offered him a parade of animals from which to choose a mate. If Bereishit is any […]

I grew up as a White Jewish New Yorker, at once a disassociated grand-daughter of a holocaust survivor and a Lebanese Christian, with no political attachment or strong position about Israel/Palestine. This Passover season I began learning more deeply about I/P, most significantly through friends who have deep and conflicted attachments and dis-attachments to Judaism, […]

Eden kicked out of Boston

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Hebrew text seen on a bumper sticker in the Boston area this morning: “Ani Ma’amin B’emunah Sh’leima” (“I believe with perfect faith”), next to the logo of the Red Sox. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixteenth year of the construction of the Big Dig. And the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority said to […]

52 Portions – Season Finale

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