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Where is Your Golem?

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The golem as a figure in Jewish folklore was discussed tonight by Prof. Raphael Shargel at Temple Emanu-El in Providence, Rhode Island. The golem is a clay effigy of a man that can be magically animated and sent on brief missions. Often, particularly if the mission is not of a sacred nature, the plan goes […]

I received this alert today from JVP and and thought it was important to post: Earlier this year, HR 4681, the “Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006” passed the House overwhelmingly. A milder version, S. 2370 passed the Senate as well. Because the two bills were different, they did not become law. Today, however, the House […]

Gavriel Ansara is a polycultural polyglot from an observant Jewish background with ties to several continents. He is a board member of Keshet, Boston’s Jewish GLBTQI advocacy and education organization, and founder/coordinator of Tiferet, a Keshet project designed to meet the needs of Orthodox and traditionally observant Jews who self-identify as gender and/or sexual minorities. […]

This past Saturday, December 2, was the 17th anniversary of my Bas Mitzvah. A few months ago I called the rabbi at the Conservative shul in Connecticut where I grew up and asked if I could come back and sing my torah portion again. He was excited to hear that I wanted to come back, […]

Laban is the real hero of this parsha, despite getting dissed by the rabbis. When he hears Jacob is near he runs to greet him, hugs and kisses him. Rashi say Laban was checking Jacob’s mouth for jewels, which means, I guess, Laban gave him tongue. He performs the highest act of righteousness for the […]


Media Mishegaas

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Some interesting finds as of late–let me know if yall find these listings interesting or not. The NYT’s features Calvin Sims in a great series of interviews called “The Conversation,” including his latest feature with Reverend Calvin Butts, pastor of the historic Abyssinian Baptist Church, and Larry Kramer Tip of the hat to Kenyon for […]

Parsha Toldot – Rebecca Grows Up

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In last week’s parsha three-year-old marries forty-year-old Isaac. This week Rebecca grows… and takes over.

Thanksgiving morning, here in the US. I am thankful for many things. U.N. emergency relief coordinator Jan Egeland complains of a “meltdown in security” in Darfur that prevents humanitarian aid workers from reaching the three million genocide survivors who have fled to refugee camps. * * * The anti-Syrian, Christian Lebanese politician Pierre Gemayel was […]

A Negative Action

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Ah, the next generation of Republicans… what can I say? They aren’t Millicent Fenwick, or even Nelson Rockefeller. I thought that each generation was supposed to grow up and reject the values of the dominant culture, but unfortunately there seems to be a faction that’s rebelling against the wrong people. At a time when most […]

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