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Parsha Toldot – Rebecca Grows Up

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In last week’s parsha three-year-old marries forty-year-old Isaac. This week Rebecca grows… and takes over.

Thanksgiving morning, here in the US. I am thankful for many things. U.N. emergency relief coordinator Jan Egeland complains of a “meltdown in security” in Darfur that prevents humanitarian aid workers from reaching the three million genocide survivors who have fled to refugee camps. * * * The anti-Syrian, Christian Lebanese politician Pierre Gemayel was […]

A Negative Action

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Ah, the next generation of Republicans… what can I say? They aren’t Millicent Fenwick, or even Nelson Rockefeller. I thought that each generation was supposed to grow up and reject the values of the dominant culture, but unfortunately there seems to be a faction that’s rebelling against the wrong people. At a time when most […]

Items of Interest

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A few items of interest as of late: Mapping Our Rights Race, Politics and Immigration Race in Focus The Next Act History of Minstrelsy Reading lists… Enjoy!

The arrangement reached with the police and the ultra-orthodox is not a compromise but a surrender. There is no difference between ‘don’t march’ and ‘do what you want, but in your houses behind closed shutters’. In both cases we are banished from the streets into a space that is fenced-in, policed and worst of all […]

The Sweetest Story Ever Told!

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We LOVE the story of Isaac. It’s unquestionably our fav so far. You got a VERY slow kid with a goofy laugh. His mom was maybe 90 years old when she gives birth to Isaac so Down’s Syndrome seems a pretty high probability. He doesn’t talk much. His brother makes fun of him. His father […]

Oh, heaven help us… “U.S. President George Bush was informed on Tuesday of an initiative to establish a center under his name in Israel, as a sign of gratitude for his support for the country and its security. […] Bush told Ayalon that “freedom” would be a worthy subject for the center to focus on.” […]

Did we cast the right votes?

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Did I cast the right vote? Did we cast the right votes? If we find out we didn’t, and violence continues to tear the world apart, how will we put a stop to it and perform tikkun olam? No matter how indirect the chain of command may seem, we are all responsible.

Off With Your Neurasthenic Haze!

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Saddam Hussein’s death sentence was arranged to be pronounced by an Iraqi court two days before the U.S. midterm elections. This did not fool Americans into thinking the nearly four-year-old war is an archetype of success. We voted. Well, 40 percent of eligible voters showed up, anyway. Not bad for a midterm. Does that count […]

Parsha Vayera

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This week Torah portion is an action-packed affair. G#d appears to Abraham in the form of three men. Abraham seems to serve them one of the most traif meals imaginable and we get history’s earliest recorded punch line. The ugly side of gay love rears… its head… in Sodom. Lot’s daughters make sure the family […]

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