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Jen Chau, founder and director of SWIRL, (and an eagerly anticipated contributor to JVoices) will be presenting this Sunday at Inside the Activists’ Studio (which JVoices is a co-sponsor) on how activism needs a serious make-over, and tools for building a sustainable activist life. We caught up with her before the day’s event to ask […]

Mumbia, the City Will Change…But What’s the Cost

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Mumbai, India is a city of 18 million people and many visitors. A place where the Jews have lived for over 2000 years without feeling any kind of threat, where we have lived and flourished. We have grown with the city and the city has grown with us. Jews here will never forget the time […]

(Photo of S. Isaac Dowds) I chose the name “Isaac” as my legal name because it means “laughter,” and because I relate to Isaac’s story. It is what I do in times of adversity, a trait I inherited from my father. No matter how dire the circumstances, when the going gets tough, I laugh. A […]

What’s Glatt Kosher Today?

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Stories have abounded, but our blogging has been slow as of late during the holidays, so here’s a list of must reads if you haven’t already seem these stories on your Sunday: Richard Silverstein offers extensive, updated coverage on the Obsession DVD scandal, and Third Jihad, including the updates revealing the secret producer of the […]

Days of Awe(some)

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x-posted from Torah Queeries: If ever there were a Jewish holiday custom-made to the specifications of a gender variant Jew, the Days of Awe would have to be it/them. The Days of Awe are the ten days bordered by Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. They are not a discrete event, rather, they are ten days […]

Shanah Tovah U’metukah

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A sweet, sweet, and justice filled new year for all!

H. Res 1369 was passed yesterday (9/23/08) by unanimous consent in the House. It’s a fine if meaningless bill that recognizes the work of Israeli and Palestinian peacemaking organizations. On Monday, I launched a sitelet http://www.helpthepeacemakers.org to encourage its passage and maybe build some public support for our friends in the Middle East. As I […]

Still blogging the New Israel Forum…. This title of this post was the title of a session I attended, with a wonderful panel of experts: Shifra Bronzwick, of Advancing Women Professionals in the Jewish Community Rachel Liel of Shatil (NIF’s nonprofit capacity building center in Israel) Fathi Marshood, who works for Shatil in the north […]

Turning Ourselves Over with Selichot

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Selichot might very well be the service I love the most during the High Holidays. Maybe it’s because I learned about Selichot as an adult. While raised in an observant household, it was truly when I returned to Jewish religious practice as an adult that I found deeper meaning in the practice and intent of […]

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