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Who Different Wants to be able to Understand Organization? Usually, along with you really wish to generate a business whilst staying at house doing many situations you care about, look in providing the product being an unaffiliated rep. Business is simply not merely some doggy try to eat pet levels of competition to come up […]

Finding Clear-Cut Methods In Meet Mail Order Bride

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Online dating service – A Rewarding Knowledge The moment ones sweetheart will not be happy it will now impact everything about your wedding. Once a woman starts out to look unsatisfied within her bond by means of her wife, all the dynamic between them basically starts to shift. Her emotions may state her actions and […]

My Sukkot Message Given at Camp Be’chol Lashon

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Years ago, when I started playing the guitar I wanted to play blues, I hired a blues teacher, listened to blues music, but no matter what I did it came out sounding like the Indigo girls. Probably because at that point in my life the Indigo Girls spoke to me, they were queer and at […]

Today is Tisha B’av, the ninth of the Jewish month of Av, a day when Jews traditionally remember the destruction of the Temples and other tragedies of our history by fasting and reading from the Book of Lamentations, culminating a three week period of remembering and mourning. As I fast, I am remembering the destruction that so many teachers, advertisements, politicians, a lobby group, and synagogues have tried to instruct me to ‘forget’ or not know: the destruction of Palestine. This destruction continues today, as we see the actions of modern day Israel in repressing freedom of speech, movement, and quality of life.

Debating Divestment… all night long

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The UC Berkeley student government became an impassioned theater of views on the occupation of Palestine on April 14th. One Jewish attendee chronicles the all-night meeting about a divestment bill that spurred global debate.

Let justice ring in Sheikh Jarrah

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This Saturday night (March 6 2010) will witness one of the most important demonstrations in years, in the struggle for human rights and justice here in Israel. The struggle against injustice and dispossession, against the Hebronization of East Jerusalem, and against the anti-democratic processes undermining Israeli society. In this struggle, Sheikh Jarrah has already become […]

The following drash/sermon was given during Yom Kippur at Congregation Sha’ar Zahav. I love being Jewish. I always have. From the moment I knew I was Jewish, I found a home in the prayers, larger-than-me concepts, values and sense of community that were infused in everything we did. I was aware, however, that I was […]

Sotomayor and Affirmative Action

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It was hard to tune into the Sotomayor confirmation hearings without hearing mention of the now-infamous “wise latina” comment. Even though, as Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told her, “Unless you have a complete meltdown, you’re gonna get confirmed,” not a single day passed without continuous pestering from the Right. But lets take that […]


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As Dahlia Lithwick noted in Slate this past weekend, Guantanamo may be America’s most infamous “prison problem,” but it is far from our only one. Our sentencing and incarceration system is broken. With the U.S. having only 5 percent of the world’s population and yet almost 25 percent of the world’s prisoners, we are imprisoning […]

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