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JVoices fondly acknowledges its contributors

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During last winter’s three-month strike of the Writer’s Guild of America, JVoices made a show of solidarity by committing to symbolically compensate its writers for posts made from New Year’s Day through June 30. Compensation has begun and eligible contributors have been contacted. Great blogging, while it may be provided free of charge, requires work. […]

Crossposted on Jewesses with Attitude Fifteen years ago this week, Ruth Bader Ginsburg became the second woman – and the first Jewish woman – to serve on the United States Supreme Court. Considering that of the court’s 110 justices, 7 have been Jewish and only 2 women, Ginsburg’s appointment was no small feat. Of course, […]

This week, the House of Representatives voted in favor of a resolution “apologizing” for slavery. And the House should be commended, not criticized, for it. [Editorial note: The resolution was sponsored by Rep. Steve Cohen, a Jewish American representing a majority-black Memphis congressional district.] Unfortunately, ridiculous debates have raged for years amongst political commentators and […]

Crossposted on Jewesses With Attitude Welcome everyone to a new weekly feature on JVoices — This Week In History! In this feature, which is built on the tremendous amount of research compiled by the Jewish Women’s Archive, we will be looking at significant achievements made by American Jewish Women throughout the year, and examining their […]

[Update: I’ve now gotten confirmation from bloggers, and two large news sites that checked their Google Analytics accounts, and had the same thing happen when they clicked on Palestinian Territories.] This past week, I’ve been reviewing the features of Google Analytics, attempting to get a better sense of you, our readers. Google Analytics gives a […]

Noted author Garry Wills wrote an excellent book last year about American Christians. Or rather, ‘Head and Heart: American Christianities.’ After reading it, I was finally able to make sense of the relationship between seemingly disparate phenomena, such as: Where did Christian Zionism come from, and why is it strongest in the US? Why do […]

Can efforts to save a culture destroy it?

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cross-posted from Duluth News Tribune The Abayudaya, a group of Jews in Uganda, lived in near-isolation from the rest of the Jewish world until being “discovered” in the 1990s. Since then, international groups have sought to help the Abayudaya and assimilate them into the greater Jewish community. This month, News Tribune editorial page editor Robin […]

Like many of you, I’m an Obama supporter. A few months ago, I started to hear about various efforts among progressive Jews to support him. (Righteous Indignation expressed prior interest in nonpartisan GOTV activities.) But so far, the dominant effort on my radar screen seems to be JewsforObama.com, for view (strangely enough) at www.jews4barack.com. On […]

This Past Month…

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I’ve been traveling through Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and Sinai, Egypt. For various reasons, I wanted to wait before posting on JVoices, giving myself the opportunity to reflect, be as present as I could be in the moment, and also take a much needed break from always being plugged in to the computer. I must say, […]

There’s been a lot of news this week about the Israel-Hamas cease-fire. Much of the commentary dwells on the likelihood that it will be short lived. For those of us trying to make sense of the news, I thought it would be helpful offer a few resources on Hamas and the cease-fire. Can we support […]

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