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Rotem Mor is a 27 year old Israeli peace activist who became active for peace at the age of 19 following his choice to refuse army service after a year and a half of being a soldier. After his release from prison, and then the army, Rotem became involved different projects (New Profile and AFSC) […]

Still blogging the New Israel Forum…. This title of this post was the title of a session I attended, with a wonderful panel of experts: Shifra Bronzwick, of Advancing Women Professionals in the Jewish Community Rachel Liel of Shatil (NIF’s nonprofit capacity building center in Israel) Fathi Marshood, who works for Shatil in the north […]

When I heard that Leveling the Playing Field: Advancing Women in Jewish Organizational Life by Shifra Bronznick, Didi Goldenhar, Marty Linsky, and Beverly Joel (who did layout and design for the book) was out, I knew I’d want to get at least an excerpt for readers. While my experience in Jewish communal life is more […]

Well, since I just wrote this over on jspot, I can’t not post this here! I really love double negatives–I feel like I’m sitting in a room with a bunch of queer Ashkenazi Jews debating between Bette and Barbara as diva or something…Anyway, here goes: my post on joining SPIN… I couldn’t resist after seeing […]

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