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The following drash/sermon was given during Yom Kippur at Congregation Sha’ar Zahav. I love being Jewish. I always have. From the moment I knew I was Jewish, I found a home in the prayers, larger-than-me concepts, values and sense of community that were infused in everything we did. I was aware, however, that I was […]

You are being invited to buy into the image of Tel Aviv as the “Mediterranean capital of Gay tourism,” tempted by “[t]he people, the bars, the parties, the restaurants, the white sandy beaches, the sense of absolute freedom – these are the components that justify this image.” But this is just an image, an image […]

LGBT Vigil in Jerusalem August 2, 2009

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I should stop turning my cell phone off when I go to sleep at night. In the past, I thought it was a good idea so that wrong numbers and drunk calls would not wake me in the middle of the night. Now I think I need to leave my phone on. Too much happens […]

1. It feels like the night of Rabin’s assassination. A sharp slap in the face – the shock is so much greater than the pain. A point of no return. Since the hitter is probably motivated by his own fears and self hatred and fed off a petri dish of ill beliefs – the mission […]

We, Queer members of the Bay Area Jewish Community and our allies, are deeply saddened by events surrounding the “Jews March for Pride” contingent in this year’s San Francisco Pride Parade. We wanted to march with “Jews March for Pride” because we are proud to be Queer Jews and allies. We felt excited and privileged […]

this is basically a note to send you to a piece i’ve written for the latest issue of the Monthly Review on the origins of the current rise to visibility of jewish opposition to zionism. i hope you’ll read and enjoy – and if you disagree with me, argue here. the piece is online, at […]

Jaclyn Friedman at Boston Dyke March 2009


Queer Jewish writer (and co-author of Yes Means Yes! Visions of Female Sexual Power and A World Without Rape) Jaclyn Friedman at this year’s Boston Dyke March:

Bay Area folks, please join me Monday, June 8th for this upcoming event/extravaganza I’ve put together with my friend Griselda Suárez for the 2009 National Queer Arts Festival, featuring an amazing line up of established & emerging poets crossing generations, genres and borders of any and all imaginations. I’d love to

Zichron@ Livracha, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

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(photo: Jay Muhlin) I’ve been ruminating on a longer post about Eve’s work. She’s had a real influence not only on my scholarship, but also on my creative writing manuscript, for her book, A Dialogue on Love. But, I’m remiss in not posting about her loss sooner than later. So, here’s a taste of the […]

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