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Quick hit: Fatemeh Fakhraie over at Racialicious does a great job analyzing W magazine‘s big article on Persian Jews in Los Angeles. The first commenter sums it up well: On one hand, it’s nice to see some acknowledgment that non-Ashkenazi Jews and Jews of color exist. On the other, a representation that just plays on […]

Oy, the false ads attacking Obama are making their claim on the airwaves. Wanna do something about it? Here are two ways you can — they’re not the most sexy or wild, but damn if they don’t have an impact. Donate to MoveOn to help them run this ad condemning McCain for running false attack […]

Answer: By making it a debate of Jew vs. Jew, citing the Jewish doctor, Norman Spack, who works with trans youth in Boston, and pulling a quote by Brian Camenker, head of an ultra-conservative “family rights” organization in Boston called MassResistance. Not only did Eden not link to the original article in the Globe (here […]

Because, the media needs to do more of it…and for the most part, I’m like, hell yeah, go ‘head Abrams!!! This came out a few days ago, but I still wanted to post it. Why? Because, how often do you hear media pundits actually ask people to understand Jewish tradition and holidays, rather than make […]

cross-posted to jspot Yesterday, I posted about Lantos‘ support of trans communities. Later that day I was alerted to the murder of Sanesha Stewart, a 25 year old black transgender woman from the Bronx. Her murder is not an isolated incident, nor is the horrific coverage by the news media new. What I think is […]

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