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now, the statue of limitations on all of our semi-rational exuberance over the symbolism of the current presidency has not yet run out. i figure, based on my friends and family, that it has somewhere between three and nine months left. so i’m not expecting anyone to do anything about this right now. once the memories of the election-night street parties are a little bit more faded, though, it’ll be useful to have these pieces of information ready to hand.

Amid the brouhaha of a presidential campaign that has lasted nearly two years and the anxiety of a stock market meltdown that has lasted two months, it is to be expected that many people will invoke traditional religion for clairvoyance and guidance. But since when does any traditional religion ask us to pray before a […]

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Some interesting reads as of late: Overtones in prayer for Israel prompt U.S. Jews to reformulate Richard Silverstein takes the JTA to task in JTA Publishes Foxman Fiction The Jew and the Carrot is always treating us right during the holiday season, this time with the Sustainable and Healthy Resources for Pesach! In case you’ve […]

Big win for the Courage Campaign who galvanized over 30,000 people to make sure that everyone’s vote is counted, and an end to the “double bubble” trouble plaguing voters and the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters. The “double bubble” issue is being talked about as the “Florida” of the 2008 election (but what’s lost […]

For those of you who are also watching the Republican side of this election spectacle, this just in on Talkleft: John McCain effectively sealed the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday as chief rival Mitt Romney suspended his faltering presidential campaign. “I must now stand aside, for our party and our country,” Romney prepared to tell […]

A few highlights from our friends in the Jewish Blogosphere: Jspot tips us off to JCPA’s blog, and Jewish voter disfranchisement in Nevada. Over at Jewlicious, Y-Love tackles incendiary comments found on the NY Daily News website after they published an article about New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind’s (D-Brooklyn) inauguration of the “Blacks & […]

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I must say I love all the Best of 2007 pieces because they take away all that anxiety I have when I can’t always keep up with the latest aesthetic or music or movie or sex toy. Now, I’m so plugged in! Seriously though, they’re very fun and I adore them. So, here’s a few […]

Why not? What’s the good word out there? A few highlights from our peers: Jspot tackles the thorny issue of Barney Frank striking gender identity from ENDA legislative bill slated for vote in “Leave no one behind.” Muzzlewatch link’s to Amy Goodman’s interview with Haaretz’s top political columnist Akiva Eldar, stating, “We are in a […]

whenever i start to get bored with the idea of staying vocal as one of the surprisingly few non-closeted secularists in most of the electronic jewish spaces i frequent, something like this comes up. ruth messinger, former manhattan borough president, american jewish world service president, and makher-in-chief of the current (and problematic as well as […]

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Swastikas at Hunter Airfield, and a Rabbi on the Run As if we didn’t already know the military had problems. A former Army chaplain who has been listed as a deserter by the Department of Defense intends to file a civil rights lawsuit against the United States military for refusing to discipline three Evangelical Christian […]