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On August 1st, I participated in a small tour through Canada Park lead by Eitan Bronstein, the Director of Zochrot [Remembering], an organization of Israeli citizens working to raise awareness of the Nakba, the Palestinian catastrophe of 1948. Canada Park is run by the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and lies thirty minutes outside of Tel […]

Mahmoud Darwish died Saturday after complications from an open heart surgery in Houston, Texas at the age of 67. This past July, I had the honor of hearing Darwish read during the Centennial Celebration of the establishment of the Ramallah municipality, held at the Ramallah Cultural Palace. The over 700-seat auditorium was filled to capacity, […]

Human Rights Reports

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[Editorial note: As the media, particularly in the U.S., does not present these stories, it’s important for us to provide information and accounts so that more people can have a deeper understanding of the human rights violations that are occurring in the West Bank and Gaza, and overall for people to have a broader lens […]

Low-Impact Politics

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I’ve been living in Jerusalem for a year now, and spending most of my time in a progressive Jewish community which also prays three times a day and always recites the blessing after meals. One of the central moments in each of these moments of prayer times is the prayer to build Jerusalem: “boneh yerushalayim,” […]

[Update: I’ve now gotten confirmation from bloggers, and two large news sites that checked their Google Analytics accounts, and had the same thing happen when they clicked on Palestinian Territories.] This past week, I’ve been reviewing the features of Google Analytics, attempting to get a better sense of you, our readers. Google Analytics gives a […]

if the site hadn’t been hacked. ICE Raids hit the Bay Area a day after May Day, including scaring the shit out of kids at Berkeley schools After the exchange with Eden last week about transgender youth, I thought I’d plug this amazing, indepth interview series that NPR is doing right now on trans youth. […]

Naqba Reflections #1

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As a child growing up in Israel, the Holocaust was omnipresent. There was the makolet (grocery store) owners with numbers on their arms, Begin yelping ‘Never Again’ as an election slogan, and the opening line of countless comedic monologues that begin with ‘as the daughter of a Holocaust survivor and the mother of a soldier to be, I hereby light this torch in the name of (fill in the blank).’ [Thank you Hanoch Levin)

Last night at 9:00pm, I wrote an email to my best friend about my trip to Ramallah last weekend, my upcoming visit to Bethlehem, and how much I desperately want to stay in Jerusalem for a second year. A few minutes later, I heard sirens; not so unusual, perhaps, but more persistent than I’m accustomed […]

We’re joining our fabulous friends in Jewish progressive blogosphere–JewSchool, Muzzlewatch and hopefully more–in shouting out the launch of the Breaking the Silence Exhibit in the U.S. this weekend in Philadelphia. The exhibit will include photographs and video testimonies from Israeli soldiers who served in occupied territories. Their arrival to the U.S. will hopefully continue to […]

Super Tuesday–have you gotten your fix yet? Well have no fear if you haven’t, I’m sure tomorrow will be filled with delightful commentary. We know this is a big day for Jews, since almost two-thirds of Jews in the U.S. will be voting tomorrow. Reading through the Jewish papers Presidential Primary commentary on the Democratic […]

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