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The View from Your End of Passover

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From Sarah Garmisa – “a Chicago-style chametz-a-thon” Inspired by Andrew Sullivan’s Daily View on the Daily Dish

White House seder was like no other

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first published in Duluth News Tribune A former intern sent a thoughtful message early Thursday. “Hi Robin,” she said. “I hope you enjoy Passover. Will you be at the White House seder?” Flattering as it is for a protege to suggest, even if kidding, that I’d make the invite list, I did not. Neither did […]

Below is the full unedited version of a piece I had published in the Philadelphia Daily News. As the massacre of Deir Yassin is remembered today, let us all rededicate ourselves to working for liberation and freedom for all. I posted this yesterday on Mondoweiss. Through the ritual of the Seder, Passover tells the story […]

President Obama’s Passover Letter

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‘Next Year in the White House!’

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President Obama will be the first U.S. President to attend a White House Seder. The Obama family’s planned Seder at the White House on Thursday night apparently marks the first time a president has participated in the traditional Passover feast celebrating the exodus from Egypt, an administration official said. It’s also a chance for the […]

I have a whole stack of DIY (Do It Yourself) Haggadahs at home. This week, I realized that so few of them are actually available online. So, I put out a call to folks a few days ago to share resources, for those who’d be willing to have their materials online, and did a little […]

Apparently, it’s this year in Twitter

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So much for “next year” jokes:

[I’m lifting this out of the ALEPH mailing list] Time Magazine recently named Velveteen Rabbi, the blog of ALEPH rabbinic student Rachel Barenblat, one of its top 25 blogs in its first-ever annual blog index. Velveteen Rabbi is the only religion blog on the list, which includes The Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and Boing Boing, […]

This is a special service announcement: Do you enjoy the light, airy taste of that “special cracker” that comes out in added quantities right around Easter? Do you think, “my, how splendid! This will go perfect with my assortment of cheese and sun-dried tomato spreads for appetizers!” Well, NOT THIS YEAR! This year, we Jews […]

This year was my first Passover in Jerusalem. At my seders last year, I still wasn’t sure whether I meant it when I said “next year in Jerusalem,” but this year I knew as I said it that I’d be staying for a second year. When I spoke with my mother a few days before […]