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I’m not much for TV criticism–I’ve moved from LA for good reason.  However, an article in today’s NY Times struck a cord with me given these times of hope and hell.  David Carr’s “The Media Equation” reviews a new Reality show titled “Smile, You’re Under Arrest,” a hilarious (well, someone will find it hilarious…) cross […]

if the site hadn’t been hacked. ICE Raids hit the Bay Area a day after May Day, including scaring the shit out of kids at Berkeley schools After the exchange with Eden last week about transgender youth, I thought I’d plug this amazing, indepth interview series that NPR is doing right now on trans youth. […]

In Jack Finney’s 1954 novel The Body Snatchers, alien seed pods fall to earth, grow next to sleeping people, produce emotionless clones of their bodies, and finally destroy the original humans. It is impossible to distinguish a cloned body from the original body, except that something is behaviorally amiss: they show no facial expressions and […]

I recently sat around with friends in my newly relocated life in the bay area, talking about presidential candidates. Wouldn’t you know, at that time, they all brushed me off when I said I was worried Giuliani might win. Now, they’re paying more attention. Giuliani is the front running GOP presidential candidate. The past few […]

Check out this unedited film news clip from Fox News where they are harassed and beaten by the LAPD along with marchers, prevented from filming, and from being able to warn march attendees of the oncoming police brutality and misconduct by the LAPD. In case we need another reminder that the airwaves aren’t ours–this is […]

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I’m adding my own categories to this: police brutality, xenophobia, imperialism, violence (Click on the picture) The following are two videos documenting the police brutality of Mostafa Tabatabainejad, a UCLA student, who was repeatedly stunned with a Taser and then taken into custody when he did not exit the CLICC Lab in Powell Library in […]