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Check out Michelle Goldberg’s new web-only piece, “Same As It Ever Was?” up at The American Prospect. Her tagline, or more likely her editor’s tagline, for the article wonders if the “pro-Israel lobby, long seen as an immutable part of American politics, may be headed toward obsolescence.” I’m not sure if I buy that, since […]

As Dahlia Lithwick noted in Slate this past weekend, Guantanamo may be America’s most infamous “prison problem,” but it is far from our only one. Our sentencing and incarceration system is broken. With the U.S. having only 5 percent of the world’s population and yet almost 25 percent of the world’s prisoners, we are imprisoning […]

now, the statue of limitations on all of our semi-rational exuberance over the symbolism of the current presidency has not yet run out. i figure, based on my friends and family, that it has somewhere between three and nine months left. so i’m not expecting anyone to do anything about this right now. once the memories of the election-night street parties are a little bit more faded, though, it’ll be useful to have these pieces of information ready to hand.

(apologies to those who aren’t living in new york city – this is an event announcement) (it seems like there are many more radical purim extravaganzas going on all over the country, though, and i’m posting this announcement in part to encourage folks to think big and exciting for next year…) this year’s eighth-or-so edition […]

whenever i start to get bored with the idea of staying vocal as one of the surprisingly few non-closeted secularists in most of the electronic jewish spaces i frequent, something like this comes up. ruth messinger, former manhattan borough president, american jewish world service president, and makher-in-chief of the current (and problematic as well as […]

Check it out – over at jspot there is a call set by a number of Jewish organizations to collectively outline a domestic Jewish agenda for the 2008 presidential elections. So, by all means, add your vote and add on to the list, as I did, calling for an end to the drug war as […]

Connecticut’s Compassionate Use medical marijuana bill will be heard in its next committee tomorrow–Tuesday. So, we need to keep the same momentum going that pushed this through the General Law Committee like last week for the Public Health Committee for tomorrow’s hearing! For more info on the bill, here’s an excerpt from a piece that […]

One of the things that I love about new media is that sometimes you still get to see at least part of events you weren’t able to make it to in person. With that, I saw today that the Applied Research Center has posted some videos and summaries from their latest conference, “Facing Race”. The […]

Check it out:

crossposted from jspot.org for Molly Ivins, may your memory forever be a blessing — “We are the people who run this country. We are the deciders. And every single day, every single one of us needs to step outside and take some action to help stop this war. Raise hell. Think of something to make […]