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this is basically a note to send you to a piece i’ve written for the latest issue of the Monthly Review on the origins of the current rise to visibility of jewish opposition to zionism. i hope you’ll read and enjoy – and if you disagree with me, argue here. the piece is online, at […]

Listening to all the endless, pompous rhetoric about Jerusalem, one might be convinced to believe that this is a city inhabited by divine symbols, not by real human beings, flesh, blood, sweat and all. But Jerusalem is obviously both: a city of unique international symbolism and home to more than 700,000 people. Each year since […]

On Thursday, April 30th, eight Israeli protesters were arrested while nonviolently expressing solidarity with New Profile, a feminist organization that’s speaking out against the militarization of Israeli society. A little background: the Israeli government has been harassing members of New Profile for a few weeks now. In late April, a number of New Profile members […]

i don’t love posting press releases, but as a new yorker this makes me happy. not as proud as i’d be were i in toronto, montrĂ©al, LA or san francisco, but nonetheless. after last week’s demonstration, which brought together the full range of jewish opposition to the israeli government’s war on gaza, from Women in […]

Israelis Protesting Gaza Assaults

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[UPDATE BELOW ON PROTESTS SATURDAY EVENING IN TEL AVIV] Also, Israeli activists in the U.S. protested outside of the New York Israeli Consulate. UPDATE: Via Alisa Solomon, photos of Saturday evening’s protest in Tel Aviv of the Gaza siege and bombing of Gaza as the government began a ground invasion.

Bedouins on the Brink

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(Knesset member Taleb al-Sana speaks at protest) When I asked the man standing next to me if he thought the Gaza attacks would spark the Third Intifada, he replied, “Inshallah.” God willing. Three days ago in Laqiya, one of seven Bedouin townships in the Negev, a protest march erupted in response to Israel’s air strikes […]

all of the journalistic words have been, are being, said already.


to me, there’s only one thing worth saying on the journalistic side:
24 israelis have been killed by rocket or mortar attacks from gaza, ever.
more than 300 palestinians have been killed by the israeli blitzkrieg in gaza in the past 2 days.
more than 3,300 palestinians have been killed by the israeli military in gaza since 2000.
and it needs to be said over and over and over again.

beyond the journalistic. words aren’t worth much, or are everything.


There has been unrest in Kenya for several days since President Mwai Kibaki, who belongs to the Kikuyu tribe, claimed a re-election victory. The election is contested by opposition leader Raila Odinga, who belongs to the Luos tribe.

Your shiny white emptiness Drips rabid promises From each saccharine fang, Your glittering emerald eyes mocking The singular certainty: This darkness and I must dance and duel Til the factory of your perfect machine Cannibalises me Into the likeness of Some True Form that bears Some True Name- My true name and form, uncodified by […]

So, yes, it shouldn’t have taken another report about how Olmert’s actions in bombing the sh**t out of Lebanon was a huge, devastating, horrible disaster, but hey, I’ll take it if it means people are protesting loudly, as they are. Here’s just one report from BBC: Tens of thousands of Israelis have rallied in Tel […]