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In a harsh assessment of the Brooklyn Syrian Jews published in The New York Times’ Sunday Magazine in October 2007, Zev Chafets painted a malignant picture of a community whose moral values had been warped by a vulgar materialism and a culture of greed. Rather than seeing itself as others saw it, the community rejected […]

Live blogging is still surreal to me. Remember when you used to go to events, and you’d be lucky if people took photos, or maybe audio recorded speakers? I know, I sound old, and I’m turning 30 in March. Anyway, check it out, Velveteen Rabbi is seriously giving it to us, post after post, on […]

[I’m lifting this out of the ALEPH mailing list] Time Magazine recently named Velveteen Rabbi, the blog of ALEPH rabbinic student Rachel Barenblat, one of its top 25 blogs in its first-ever annual blog index. Velveteen Rabbi is the only religion blog on the list, which includes The Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and Boing Boing, […]

L’Shana Tova & Shabbat Shalom

This is worth cross-posting from jspot: Rabbi Jill Jacobs gives us Letty’s List, written in response to Newsweek’s unfortunate Top 50 list: From Letty Cottin Pogrebin: (Jill’s note: granted–neither Devora Steinmetz nor Devorah Zlochower are rabbis, but given that both function as such in important ways & otherwise deserve to be on any list of […]

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