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Sarah Lyhall of the New York Times reports that Britain’s Supreme Court ruled against a Jewish high school in London that had rejected an applicant because his mother wasn’t Jewish enough – and so, by extension, neither was he. Yep, she had chosen Judaism years ago and gone through a conversion process, but By all […]

Adam Serwer over at The Root has a great new post called “The Self-Hate Hustle.” Serwer draws a parallel between divisions in Jewish communities over Israel and divisions in (U.S.) Black communities “about loyalty and authenticity.” Describing Netanyahu’s characterization of David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel as “self-hating Jews” based on their support of a settlement […]

The Audacity of Post-Racism

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Below are two excerpts from “The Audacity of Post-Racism,” a piece I published earlier today on TheRoot.com. I delve into the race politics that marked my adolescence (and hip-hop’s) because the manner in which their sharpness has blurred is the backdrop for “Toward A More Perfect Union.” Hip-hop is now America’s dominant youth culture. It […]

Stanton’s Ordination Ignites Media Frenzy

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By April N. Baskin and Corinne Lightweaver The world has descended upon Rabbi Alysa Stanton. From coast to coast and continent to continent, global media trumpet the ordination of “the first African-American female rabbi.” Whether it’s The Forward, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, The Jewish Week, CNN, Black Entertainment Television, the Huffington Post, The New York Times, […]

JVoices is co-sponsoring an exciting upcoming free event in the San Francisco Bay Area! Here’s the scoop… I recently got a piece published in Bridges: A Jewish Feminist Journal. It’s an essay I co-authored with my friend Nzinga, about our experiences as African American Jews. She converted to Judaism, and I was born Jewish; so, […]

Legend who wrote, and made, history passes on

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(Photo by Derek Anderson) Originally posted on Duluth News Tribune Considering that John Hope Franklin was a historian — or rather, very likely the leading historian in America until his death on Wednesday at age 94 — I’m embarrassed to say I can’t recall exactly when or where we met. What I do remember, other […]

Multi-disciplinary performer Dan Wolf will be presenting this Sunday on art and identity at Inside the Activists’ Studio in San Francisco (which in full disclosure JVoices is a co-sponsor of again, and I will be presenting at as well). Currently a Resident Artist with the Hybrid Project at Intersection for the Arts, and a founding […]

Ashkenazi Privilege Checklist

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Check out this new educational resource developed from 2006-2009 by Corrine Lightweaver, Sasha King and the Jewish Multiracial Network for rabbis, Jewish educators, philanthropists, activists, and lay people. Ashkenazi Privilege Checklist: ___ I can walk into my temple and feel that others do not see me as outsider. ___ I can walk into my temple […]

Jen Chau, founder and director of SWIRL, (and an eagerly anticipated contributor to JVoices) will be presenting this Sunday at Inside the Activists’ Studio (which JVoices is a co-sponsor) on how activism needs a serious make-over, and tools for building a sustainable activist life. We caught up with her before the day’s event to ask […]

I’m not white, I’m Jewish

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“I’m Not White, I’m Jewish” is the name of the song featured in the YouTube video above. The rap song has clear sociological issues. As the performing artist strums along to his guitar, the camera pans around the room of Jewish preteens. And almost every face in the room? White, of course. But hey, as […]